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Frequently asked questions

Below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about SAFE.

What is SAFE Global?

SAFE is a personal safety mobile App for iPhone and Android.

Designed with a range of unique features including tracking, SOS, check in, SAFE Timer, SAFE Call, geo-fencing, near me, news and country reports, SAFE is suitable for individuals as well as groups and families.

How much does SAFE cost?

See Prices.

We offer a range of features for free on our Lite plan. Our best value premium subscriptions (up to 58% off) are available when registering online (Sign Up).

If you already have an account but would like to manage your subscription, Sign In.

Will SAFE work abroad?

SAFE is designed to deliver its core functionality anywhere in the world with network coverage. SAFE requires connection to our server via network signal in order to transmit your location or communicate with contacts, as well as to establish a connection to our SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre. Network availability is dependent on your own network provider and data roaming settings, but to give an idea of coverage abroad, please see examples below:

  • For most European residents abroad in Europe, data roaming charges no longer apply and you are able to use data as if you were at home, with no additional charges. For European travel there is no need to disable data roaming and coverage in most areas is widely available. For more information, including examples, see EU guidelines here.
  • If travelling into regions where additional roaming charges apply, it’s recommended to consider temporary local SIM packages as an affordable alternative. Read more about foreign SIM recommendations here.

Whilst we recommend consulting your own network provider’s terms before you travel, below are a few useful tips to improve make the most of SAFE:

  • For iOS
    • Visit ‘Settings’ > ‘SAFE Global’.
    • For ‘Location Settings’, set permission to ‘Always’.
    • ‘Mobile Data’ and ‘Background App Refresh’ should both be enabled, and ‘Low Power Mode’ disabled.
  • For Android:
    • Visit ‘Settings’ > ‘SAFE Global’.
    • Enable ‘Allow background data usage’ and ‘Allow app while data saver on’.
    • Enable ‘Location’ under the ‘App permissions’ setting.
    • We highly recommended enabling all permissions under this tab, as well as ‘Notifications’.
How do I upgrade or cancel my subscription?

To upgrade or downgrade anytime, either Sign In to your online user portal or visit the Upgrade page within the App.

Please note that upgrading or downgrading an account is effective immediately. If you have any questions about your account at any time, please feel free to get in touch via email at

How accurately will SAFE display my location?

SAFE relies on GPS for location information. GPS is a global satellite navigation system able to identify the location of your device around the world.

GPS does not require the user to transmit any information and operates independently of any telephone or internet reception. It is a highly reliable mechanism for determining location and operates in areas where you would be without sufficient signal to use your phone to make calls or use the internet.

What is the SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)?

The SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (or SAFE ARC) is a 24/7 UK based, global monitoring and operations centre, trained to assist SAFE Ultimate users in instances of SAFE Call, SAFE Timer, and SOS activations.

Two SAFE ARC control rooms ensure operational availability at all times, including multiple network connections and back-up power sources – fully BS8484 accredited.

Why does SAFE require access to my location/contacts/camera?

The App only requests information it requires to function with optimum accuracy and reliability.

  • Location – for accurate tracking, geo-fencing, and check ins, SAFE requires access to your device’s location. To ensure current location is displayed, access should be set to ‘Always Allow’. If set to ‘Whilst using the App’ SAFE will accurately display your location only whilst the App is actively open. If set to ‘Never’, none of the App’s core features will function.
  • Contacts – the App can quickly show you which of your phonebook contacts are already using SAFE. To do this it requires access to your phonebook. SAFE never uses or stores this personal information.
  • Camera – within the App, you have the option to personalise your profile with an image that is visible to your contacts. To upload an image from your phone, or take a new photo, SAFE requires access to your camera/gallery. SAFE will never use or share any images from your phone.
Who can track me?

No-one is able to track your location unless you have specifically accepted their contact request and enabled them permission.

  • Tracking can be turned ON/OFF in Settings anytime and without notifying contacts of your preferences.
  • Tracking can also be enabled/disabled for each individual contact via the Contacts page, giving you total control over who can view your location.
What is geo-fencing?

SAFE geo-fencing is a guardian feature co-ordinated by you and able to notify others on your behalf in instances you aren’t actively on your phone.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Geo-fences vary in size and shape and can be created around a specific location (i.e. a house or hotel), a wider area of interest (i.e. a town, city, or region) or a route you plan to take over land or water.

When you create a geo-fence for a contact:

  • You can choose to be notified when that contact enters or leaves the designated area.
  • Alternatively you can create a geo-fence for yourself that will notify your Primary Contact whenever you arrive or leave, saving you from actively checking in.

Only contacts that you have enabled to track your location are able to create geo-fences for you, and these can be easily viewed and managed in the App.

Is my personal information safe?

Your information is kept safe under the highest regulations of GDPR. Personal information that you enter during the set-up is only ever shared with our SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre in cases of emergency SOS activation – this is to ensure the highest level of urgency in responding.

What is the SAFE Timer?
  • SAFE Timer is a unique guardian feature that notifies others if your designated time period expires without you extending or ending its duration.
  • For Ultimate users, our Alarm Receiving Centre – able to track your location – will be alerted and, if unable to contact you and verify your wellbeing, will escalate the situation to an emergency response. For both Ultimate and Pro users, your Primary Contact will be notified via SMS and push notification with your location and prompted to contact you immediately.
  • You will be notified when your timer has just 5 minutes remaining, to avoid accidental SOS activation.
    • In the event of accidental SOS/SAFE Call/SAFE Timer activation, the Alarm Receiving Centre will attempt to authenticate you through personal information before ending the call. This is a safety measure to ensure no-one else is able to terminate a call on your behalf.
What is the SAFE Call?
  • For Ultimate users only, activating the SAFE Call opens a two-way audio connection to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre for a call back service or assistance in situations that are urgent, but do not currently pose an immediate danger to life.
    • The Alarm Receiving Centre will receive our unique SAFE response screen including your live location and that of your SAFE contacts should they need to be contacted.
    • The Alarm Receiving Centre are able to escalate the situation to an SOS emergency wherever necessary.
    • SAFE Call is the option for situations that are not currently, but have the potential to be life-threatening.
    • Depending on your situation and what assistance you require, the Alarm Receiving Centre operators may call you back after a designated period of time to ensure your wellbeing, or escalate to an emergency alert wherever necessary. An operator call back is part of the SAFE Call practice at the user’s request, as well as at the expiry of the SAFE Timer.
    • In instances where you are unsure whether your situation requires a SAFE Call or emergency SOS, the Alarm Receiving Centre operators are trained to assess the present and potential situation and co-ordinate an appropriate response or emergency services. Operators are there for your safety and will immediately escalate your SAFE Call to an emergency SOS wherever necessary.
What is the SOS?
  • For Ultimate users, activating the SOS opens an emergency two-way audio connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre for situations that require immediate emergency assistance.
    • The 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre is fully operational throughout the UK and with BS8484 accreditation has the authority to escalate your situation to the emergency services wherever necessary.
    • The Alarm Receiving Centre will receive our unique SAFE response screen including your live location and that of your SAFE contacts should they need to be contacted.
    • The operator receiving the SOS will answer the phone but withhold from speaking until they are sure it is safe to do so. This is an additional safety feature so that even in situations whereby you are unable to speak, or it is unsafe to do so (i.e. a covert emergency call under possible duress), an operator may listen in and be able to act on your behalf. If the operator hasn’t heard anything for a period of 60 seconds, they will attempt to initiate conversation to assist further.
    • Whilst the ARC is currently BS8484 accredited across the UK, we and our partners are constantly looking to expand our network of SAFE ARC’s around the world, ensuring a local response wherever you are.
  • For both Ultimate and Pro users, your Primary Contact will be notified by SMS, push notification and email that you have activated the SOS with your location.