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The Holiday Season: Top Tips for a Safe Night Out

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The holiday season is upon us, with the festive nights here or just around the corner!

As much fun as they can be, there are also many things that can go wrong that night if you’re not careful so it is important to know how to have a safe night when going for your festive nights out.

The Holiday Season: Top Tips to Have a Safe Night Out. Download SAFE App. The Ultimate Safety App

Here for some of our best tips and things to know.

Steady Your Alcohol Consumption

It’s well-documented how much of a factor that alcohol plays into letting an office Christmas party get out of hand. Everyone’s heard the crazy holiday party stories.

Drinking is a very fickle thing. What may start out as having a beer or two can quickly turn into being peer-pressured to take shots with your mates in the blink of an eye, so know that ahead of time and keep a watchful eye on the amount of alcohol that you consume and swap out an alcoholic beverage for a non alcoholic one every three drinks.

Be sure to also monitor how much your fellow co-workers are drinking. You don’t have to play “babysitter” all night, just watch for signs that they should be cut off from any more alcohol.

Pre Order Taxi or Arrange a Lift

Take extra safety precautions this holiday season and get a lift with someone you know and trust or pre book a cab from a reputable local firm.

If you do insist on walking home or hailing a taxi off the street, black cabs are the only taxis that are licensed to pick up people that hail them down, so don’t be tempted to get into an unlicensed vehicle as you may regret your decision to do so.

If you do find yourself getting into taxis alone, Installing a safety APP like SAFE; with its SOS facility and SAFE timer, will allow an individual to set a timer whereby if there is no response from the user, the phone will automatically connect to the ‘Alarm Receiving Centre’ (ARC) operators, who will listen into the situation unfolding, locate the individual and escalate to emergency services where needed.

Know When to Say Goodnight

Sometimes things can get too carried away for any one person to handle. You may find yourself in a situation where your co-workers and executives are getting too drunk and they don’t want to stop, especially when an office Christmas party goes on for too long and starts to become a safety concern.

You can try and steer people the right direction, but if they’re ignoring your advice then you have to think of yourself.

For that reason, it’s crucial that you’re able to identify when it’s time to say “goodnight” and leave the office party.

You may also realise that you’ve drunk a bit more than you should have too. It’s always better to excuse yourself before you do something you’ll regret later.

When you’ve made up your mind that it’s time to go, don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise. They may try to, but you have to stick to the decision you’ve made and bid them adieu.

Never Involve Yourself In Other Peoples Disputes

It can be too tempting to act like the hero in someone else’s drama by trying to defuse the situation, especially if it’s your friends or co workers who are involved.

However it may be the wrong decision, especially if it escalates and you end up in hospital.

Have a Safety App on Your Phone

One of the best ways to stay safe during your festive holidays is to take preventive actions towards ensuring nothing dangerous happens.

A best practice for this is by having a safety app on your phone, such as the SAFE app.

This app has amazing features such as geofencing, contact tracking, and an SOS alarm system to keep you safe.

Office Christmas parties can go well into the night. You and your friends may decide to either ditch the party early or keep the party rolling by going to local bars… there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, that’s when you risk letting things get out of your control if you get separated from the pack.

Features such as the geofencing allow your closest phone contacts to create a virtual fence for your night out. If at any point you venture outside of it, those contacts are alerted to you doing so.

Keep Emergency Money on Hand

There are several situations that may arise where you need some emergency money. It comes in handy far more often than you’d think.

If you go to a bar after the office party with some friends, you’ll want to have some emergency money on you just in case you may need to call a taxi for you or one of your friends, if you don’t have a designated driver on hand.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Many offices like to use a Christmas party as an opportunity to check out new places and venues that you and your co-workers may have never been before.

Because of that, you probably won’t be too familiar with the area surrounding the vicinity so try to have your wits about you so you don’t get lost on your way to, or from the party.

Pay attention to the roads you are travelling on; taking main routes and making sure there are CCTV cameras operating in the area, because you will be seen as an easier target for crime to take place if you are inebriated.

And Keep to Well Lit Areas

If you are walking home as opposed to getting a lift, try and avoid dark alley ways and dimly lit roads, especially if you don’t know an area too well.

And especially never take short cuts to your destination if it means walking in these types of areas too.

Use These Tactics to Ensure a Safe Christmas Party

Now that you know a few ways to keep yourself safe during the office Christmas party this year, it’s time to act on them.

Start by downloading the SAFE app and making sure your closest contacts have access to your phone through it.

Be sure to read this article on more safety tips if you’re travelling this holiday season.

For more enquiries, please reach out by filling out our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you further or download the app below.

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Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
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