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Skiing this Winter? Top Tips for Staying Safe on the Slopes

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As we approach peak skiing season, check out our tips below for how to hit the slopes safely and have an enjoyable skiing holiday.

If you’re planning a skiing holiday for your next adventure, be careful not to ruin the fun by ignoring the best ways to have a safe trip! A trip to the hospital or stolen wallets can make your trip memorable for all of the wrong reasons.  

Skiing – and other extreme physical activities – require extra consideration when it comes to safely planning your holiday. From choosing the right equipment to making sure you don’t take a route that exceeds your skiing ability, putting safety first helps you have more fun! 

As you plan your next ski trip, follow these tips to stay safe during your skiing holiday.  

Planning Your Skiing Trip? The Top Tips for Staying Safe on a Skiing Holiday

Choosing the Right Resort for your Skiing Holiday

With many ski destinations all catering for varying skiing abilities, doing your homework and choosing one for your capabilities is a must, not only for ensuring your safety, but enjoyment too.  

One way to ensure you pick the best resort, for you, your requirements and capabilities, is using a search facility and researching detailed resort guides. Here is where you can find reviews, images, videos, maps, figures and facts, as well as pros and cons on each resort. 

Don’t Aim Too High 

Weekend warriors and daredevils pay attention! 

Choosing a ski run that exceeds your ability to safely make it down the mountain is not only potentially dangerous, but will almost definitely take away the fun.

While it’s rare to suffer a fatal injury, a knee or head injury can leave you with lasting health issues. Some of those injuries happen due to choosing the wrong slope level for a skier’s abilities. To determine the best slopes according to your skiing experience, be aware of the colour code.

Some of those injuries happen due to choosing the wrong slope level for a skier’s abilities. 

To determine the best slopes according to your skiing experience, remember:

Green slopes are the easiest. These are perfect for learning and improving your abilities.

Blue slopes are the next best step up to challenge yourself and improve your skiing. 

Red and black slopes are best for advanced skiers. Be sure you’re ready to navigate steeper slopes, sharper turns, and more moguls before attempting these slopes.  

There’s no pride in breaking an arm or leg or suffering a brain injury by attempting a dangerous ski slope that you can’t handle yet. Choose your slopes wisely to ski safely throughout your holiday! 

It might also be worthwhile to research the safest ski slopes for beginners too if keeping safe is your top priority! 

Let Others Know Where You Are  

If you choose to tackle a slope on your own while your daredevil friends attempt a black slope, make sure you let your travel buddies know where you are.  

Accidents can happen on any slope or while getting on and off of the chairlift. If you’re a single skier on a trip by yourself or a slope separate from your group, you don’t want to get caught along and injured. 

Before you start your trip, use an app that lets people know where you are. When you, your family members back home or everyone in your travel party connect with a travel app developed by security experts, it’s easy to locate you in an emergency. 

You can check in with each other or call for help if you get hurt while skiing. 

Choose the Right Equipment 

If your ski boots don’t fit or your bindings are loose, you risk injury while making your way down a snowy hill. 

Whether you bring your own equipment or rent it at your resort, make sure your equipment is in excellent working condition before you get to the top of your first slope.  

Be sure to choose equipment that matches your abilities. If you’re new to skiing, get fitted for the right size skis the first time you go out. If you’re trying snowboarding for the first time, make sure you understand how it works and use the right size board to avoid snowboard accidents.  

Wear plenty of protective gear! Helmets, knee pads, and goggles help keep you safe from the bright sun and falls.  

… And Don’t Forget to Prepare for Up the Mountains! 

As tempting as it might be on a warm spring day to leave the coat at your accommodation, the weather at the top of the mountains can be quite different due to altitude, so make sure you’ve got plenty of layers on to keep you warm. 

… And off them! 

With apres-ski in abundance at many ski resorts, it’s difficult to know what to pack for especially if you’ve never been on a skiing holiday.  

As a rule, you’ll want to make sure you stay safe and accident free by wearing sensible shoes and of course warm clothing for the evening too. Stiletto heels and icy roads, never a good mix!  

However If you do find yourself in need of emergency services, the SAFE app will display your nearest hospital and contact details, you can also get medical advice too at the touch of a button. 

Carry Helpful Items 

Make sure you never hit the slopes without your phone and identification. If you’re using a location app — as we mentioned above— it won’t help you if you leave your phone back at the ski lodge. 

If you have an injury and become unconscious, carrying your identification card will help ski patrols and emergency personnel identify you and your travel buddies.  

Your ski clothes come with plenty of pockets. You might also want to carry a credit card, a small first aid kit, a protein bar, and some small hand warmers in case you get caught in the cold with no way down the mountain.   

Leave large amounts of cash and other valuable items locked safely away in your hotel room.  

There’s no need to wear expensive jewellery or risk losing cash while on the slopes!  

Rest and Drink Water 

When skiing, it’s easy to over-exert yourself or become dehydrated. Even in cold temperatures, your body can lose too much water when you exert energy while skiing without replenishing your fluids.  

It’s tempting to pack in as many runs as you can to take full advantage of your skiing holiday, but you’ll enjoy your trip more if you pace yourself. 

Take a break following your last run. Grab a snack and some water, then rest for a few minutes before taking another lift to the top of the slope for your next run.  

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings 

While skiing, avoid patches of ice, rocks, or trees. When you’re ready to start down your slope, make sure you’re not “distracted skiing” by talking or texting on your phone.  

It’s okay to listen to music while you make your way down the slope. However, keep the volume low enough so you can hear the activity around you. You can avoid a collision with other skiers or slope hazards by listening and staying alert and aware of your surroundings.  

A Safe Skiing Holiday is a Fun Adventure! 

You’ve saved money and planned carefully for your skiing holiday. Make sure you experience plenty of fun by following these safety tips throughout your trip!  

Help your friends and family stay safe, too. 

The SAFE Global app connects you and your travel companions to friends, family, and 24-hour support anywhere in the world with cellular coverage. With our tracking feature, you’ll know where to find each other during your holiday. 

The app also allows others to find you if you fall during a run down the slope. With a touch of a button the SOS facility on the app can open a two way communication with the ARC (Alarm Recieving Centre) who can track your location and assist with your safe wellbeing.


Whether you travel alone or with others, download the SAFE Global app to stay safer away from home. Click to learn more about the app. Download it from the Google store or the Apple App Store! 

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Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday

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Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday

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