The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays

Going on an Adventure? 

Whilst nothing worth doing is ever entirely without risk, for the more adventurous among us, this is part of the attraction!

Despite this, there are a few things you can do to make any journey, unexpected or not, a little bit safer. 

Here are a few must-have travel safety tips to keep you and your belongings secure no matter where you roam and how our SAFE App  can come to the rescue as it’s one of the best apps for travelling with. 

1. Memorise Emergency Numbers 

What is the equivalent of 999 in the US? What about Japan? 

Before you set off for another country, you should take a moment to find the number for emergency services in the country you’ll be visiting. 

Remember, most countries have a unique emergency contact number. Some even have a few different ones for different situations. 

If you plan on making stops in multiple countries make sure you know the emergency number for each one. 

On top of that, you should figure out where your embassy is, how to contact them and consider registering with them after you arrive. Should something happen, your country’s embassy will be able to help you return home safely. 

How our SAFE App Helps:

Live location map shows you the nearest emergency services including hospitals, police stations and well as directions and contact details.

The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays
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Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App

(By the way, the emergency numbers for the police in the US and Japan are 911 and 110 respectively) 

2. Learn a Few Phrases 

There’s nothing more disorienting than getting lost when you’re on your adventure holidays; especially somewhere you don’t speak the language. So, why not take the time to learn a little bit of it? 

While no one expects you to master French in a matter of days, that’s more than enough time to pick up a few helpful and necessary phrases. 

You should try to learn things like how to ask for directions, how to order in a restaurant and more importantly how to ask for help if you need it. 

3. Do Not Solely Rely On Online Maps 

Not all those who wander are lost. But, if those wanderers aren’t careful, there’s a good chance that they could become lost. A fine reason to carry a map. 

In our modern, internet-centric world, we’re seldom ever without a handy little device that can help us find our way back home. But, what happens if your battery should die, or you wind-up wandering somewhere with poor service? 

While physical maps aren’t without their shortcomings, they still serve a purpose. Before you leave for your grand adventure, take a few moments to download a copy of a map of where you’re going to be. 

If you have a few specific places you plan on visiting, most modern, GPS apps will give you the option to download offline directions. So, you can chart out your course before you even arrive. 

On top of that, the moment you arrive in whatever far-off city you’re visiting, look for a tourist map. You can generally find these in hotels, hostels, and train stations. 

How our SAFE App Helps:

Our SAFE app is a hassle-free way to let your friends and family keep tabs on you wherever you decide to go.

The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App

SAFE Location Tracker

Track and be tracked. Powered by GPS, accurately displaying your location is not reliant on internet reception and operates in areas where you would be without enough signal to make calls. 

SAFE Geo Fencing

With our unique geo-fencing feature, you can even create virtual perimeters for predefined destinations…automatically notifying your Primary Contact on your behalf in instances you aren’t actively on your phone. 

4. Share Your Itinerary 

Even if your trip involves following the wind and seeing where the road takes you, it’s nearly impossible to go on your adventure holidays without a bit of an itinerary. 

From your hotel check-in to your flights, there are a few places you’ll need to be at a precise time. And, you should share that information with a few trusted people. 

Letting your family and friends know where you’ll be staying and for how long is a simple safety measureWhen you’re on the go, or have arrived at a destination, SAFE’s one-touch check in notifies your contacts with your location and local time – keeping them in the know at the touch of a button. 

Alongside our contact tracking map, friends and family can rest assured they know where you are whenever they need to – no phone calls, additional costs, or extra steps required. 

Whilst sharing your itinerary with trusted contacts is wise, it’s important not to share personal information like that with people you meet on the street. While we don’t always want to assume the worst, there’s no reason to share your room number with anyone who does not need it. 


How our SAFE App Helps:

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, SAFE has various safeguarding features:

The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App

SAFE Timer

A back-up feature able to alert others after a designated period of time, set by you, in which you haven’t confirmed your wellbeing. For Ultimate users, this notifies both your Primary Contact and our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre with your location.


A two-way audio connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre for assistance in urgent, but not life-threatening situations, where operators will assess your situation and if need be escalate to the emergency services wherever necessary. 


A two-way audio connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre, able to track your location and assist in emergency situations. Accessible from the homepage the SOS alerts your Primary Contact and gives 24-hour support from our trained operators. 

5. Watch What You Drink! 

It can be fun to let loose and down a few pints while away on vacation or your adventure holidays. That said, there is such a thing as having too much fun. 

If you get drunk, it might be easier for ne’er-do-wells to take advantage of you. So, while you should feel free to enjoy a few drinks during your trip, don’t go overboard, and, as always, drink responsibly. 

How our SAFE App Helps:

Get medical advice and emergency contact numbers at the touch of a button.

The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App

Medical Advice

SAFE contains British Red Cross tips and procedures to follow, including how to recognise certain medical conditions, and apply first responder assistance. 

Emergency Contacts

SAFE has been designed to display the nearest emergency services to your location, including hospitals, police stations, and embassies, as well as their contact details.

6. Get the Right Bag 

The oversized tote you usually carry may be cute, but is it safe? 

With over 400,000 pickpocketing occurrences in the world every day, when you travel or go on your adventure holidays, you want to do everything you can to make sure you’re keeping yourself and your belongings as secure as you can. That includes investing in the right bag. 

Backpacks are generally secure. But, when you’re wearing one, you can’t see the zippers – secure these together with small travel locks and check the condition and contents of your bag periodically. 

If you plan on carrying a purse, look for one with a zipper and a flap that fully folds over the top. You should also look for one with a strap long enough to wear across your body. 

Carry your bag with the flap facing you to stop potential pickpocketers from being able to rifle around in your things. 

“Over 400,000 pick pocketing incidents occur in the world each and every single day with the top five cities for pick-pocketing occurrences are as follows: Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Madrid, and Paris.”

7. Talk to Those That Know the Area 

When travelling to new places, one of our biggest goals is to immerse ourselves in a different culture. And, there’s no better way to do that than by chatting with a few locals. 

Local culture aside, no one is going to know more about the lie of the land than those who have lived and worked there. 

So, while you’re picking up a few fun recommendations for cool things to see, you can also pick up a few tips on how to stay safe during your adventures. Those most likely to know the best and safest experiences for travellers are hotel and hostel staff, tour guides, and information offices. 

That’s not to say you should stick to the tried and trusted tourist routes – but knowing which areas to avoid and at which times is important, as well as where and when the local markets are on! 

8. Don’t Panic 

Finally, the only way people are going to know you’re somewhere you’re unfamiliar with is if you let them know. Always try to remain confident and calm, even if you aren’t quite sure where you’re going. 

Traveling can be dangerous — but so can everything else in life. While there’s nothing wrong with preparing yourself, don’t waste your trip assuming the worst of every situation. 

The best thing you can do in any situation is to trust your gut and stay in control. Then all that’s left is to enjoy yourself! 

How our SAFE App Helps:

Always feel SAFE in the knowledge that you’ve always got someone looking out for you. With one-touch alerting, you can notify designated contacts of your situation and communicate with our Alarm Receiving Centre – able to track your location and assist wherever necessary. 

The Holiday Handbook: 8 Essential Travel Safety Tips for your Adventure Holidays
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App

Putting These Travel Safety Tips to Good Use 

Sure, hitting the road and going on these adventure holidays, either by yourself or with a friend can lead to a few lessthansafe situations. 

But, if you use these helpful travel safety tips, you’ll be able to make it there and back again in one piece. 


Are you looking for a little more help keeping yourself safe on the road? SAFE can help. 

Check out our homepage for more information on how SAFE works, or download the App today and try it for yourself. 

Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App