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…and what you actually need to know.


Going to university is generally an exciting time for students, but many of them are not aware of crime taking place until they are subject to it. Staying safe at the university or college campus is often a second thought that should be taken seriously. With an estimated report showing one out of every three UK students to be a victim of crime, it is wise you safeguard yourself from possible situations plus prepare yourself if one was to arise.

In this post, we have put together some clichéd – and frankly ridiculous – tips we’ve all heard about staying safe, along with some actually helpful advice on managing tricky situations and how the SAFE App is one of the best apps for students to stay safe.

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Be conscious of your environment.

It’s easy to get lost in your phone scrolling through Instagram whilst listening to music walking around campus – an easy distraction and something we all do, but fun as this is, it’s important to keep your wits about you.

What can you do?

  • Turn down your music and remain conscious of your environment. This way, you’ll realise a difficult situation if you are walking into one.
  • Most importantly, keep your phone in your pocket (preferably the front pocket) or on you, in close reach.
One out of every three UK students is a victim of crime during university.

How the SAFE App can help:

  • There are times when you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, with no obvious help nearby. There’s no need to panic, however, as SAFE ensures a fast and simple way of alerting others to your situation – even before it becomes an emergency.
  • Alongside everyday functionality such as tracking and one-touch check ins, various safeguarding features – such as SAFE Call, SAFE Timer, and SOS – connected to both your Primary Contact and our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre, ensure support is only a button away.
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Always know where you are and where you are going.

It can be tough to negotiate a new way of life in a completely new city or location, particularly if studying abroad.  Always knowing where you are and in what direction you are heading can make a huge difference in both avoiding potentially difficult situations and managing to get out of them.

Especially as half the time you don’t know where your lectures are at the start!

What can you do?

  • Plan and be aware of the route you are likely to take, particularly in an unfamiliar area, or when travelling alone.
  • Remain calm and look confident that you knowwhere you are – this avoids looking vulnerable!
  • Seek directions or help from people that look trustworthy and likely to have local knowledge (and university lecturers should always carry a badge on a lanyard with them).
  • If you feel lost, don’t keep wandering aimlessly. If no one is around to help, better to turn back to the last known location that you are familiar with.

How the SAFE App can help:

  • Use the tracking map within SAFE to seeyour location, as well as that of your friends and contacts nearby.
  • If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, the ‘Near Me’ map shows the locations of the nearest emergency services, including the Police – a reliable backup.
More than 50% of sexual crimes against students occur between August and November.
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Things look different at night.

You can feel entirely comfortable in the city by day, but by night…the darkness can seem to change the landscape and character of the place. More than 50% of sexual crimes against students occur between August and November – the period when new students are least familiar with their surroundings and most vulnerable. Approximately two-thirds of these assaults occur at night and in the early hours of the day – again, a time you are most likely to be vulnerable owing to alcohol, tiredness, etc.

Despite this, going out at night and experiencing the social side of university life is an integral and positive aspect of being a student, it shouldn’t be feared or avoided – simple steps can help ensure your safety.

What can you do?

  • Avoid becoming isolated or separated from friends when on a night out. Alcohol and drugs seriously impede our senses and awareness. (If you do, make sure to get a taxi instead of walking back to your accommodation).
  • Avoid dark, unfamiliar places such as parks, underground walkways, and alleyways.
  • Keep in regular contact with friends and others around you or out at the same time, this helps ensure people are looking out for you and know when to expect you at home or elsewhere.
  • Ensure your phone has sufficient battery to last the night and, if running low, look to preserve battery by using it only when necessary.
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday

How the SAFE App can help:

  • One-touch check ins provide location information to your designated contacts – notifying friends, housemates, and family instantly, ensuring your peace of mind as well as theirs.
  • You are able to track your friends on nights out and vice versa so if you do lose them you are able to see where they are and how to reach them.
  • SAFE geo-fencing is a guardian feature co-ordinated by you and able to notify others automatically of your location when you’re on the move – such as when you’re home safe, have left the library, or arrived at training.
  • Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – in potentially vulnerable situations, the App has three unique guardian features to ensure your safety, all connected directly to our 24/7 ARC. Trained operators are able to assist you directly via two-way audio, or request a response from the emergency services direct to your location.
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Settle in early.

For most new students, first year at university will mean the first time living away from home. Naturally, this is often a time where you can find yourself without the usual comforts and securities you are used to, and without a close support network of friends.

Freshers’ week is well publicised and hard to miss, which does make it an opportunity for organised crime. To avoid falling victim to theft or assault whilst still familiarising yourself with your new surroundings, follow our top tips for staying safe at university.

What can you do?

  • Surround yourself with people you think you can trust, and who are likeminded.
  • Know how to recognise licensed taxis, as well as having at least one trusted taxi firm in your phonebook.
  • Never enter a taxi you think might not be licensed, irrespective of what the driver or others are telling you. If in doubt, don’t get in.
  • Keep emergency money on you, somewhere discreet and separate from your wallet or purse.

How the SAFE App can help:

  • Create a safe network of contacts from your halls of residence or course as early as possible – you can all look out for each other.
  • Simple, everyday features such as location check ins and contact tracking can help you keep in touch easily and at your own discretion.
Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
BE LESS DRUNK. Or Get SAFE. The best apps for students to stay safe - SAFE - Free Download

Admittedly, very hard to avoid!

For the majority of students, drinking frequently and drinking hard is an unavoidable and enjoyable part of student life. We’re not here to lecture on drinking less – but there are a few ways you can help stay on the right side of a night out!

What can you do?

  • Know your limits. Everyone has their own tolerance to alcohol and drugs – knowing yours is essential, and pacing yourself accordingly.
  • Always make sure to eat the day you have planned to go out, lining your stomach in advance is a simple way to stay in control.
  • Never leave your drink unattended – instances of spiking is on the rise, and it’s never worth the risk. Never pick up another person’s drink, or one that has been left.
  • Be wary of accepting drinks from others – even from friends, as they may themselves have been given it by a stranger, or left it previously unattended.
  • Insure your phone against theft, loss, and damage – a night out shouldn’t be that expensive!
  • Identity cards – whether your driving licence or university pass – can be a means of identification theft if they fall into the wrong hands. If you lose yours, report them missing and replace them as soon as possible.

How the SAFE App can help:

  • Get medical tips and advice, available 24/7 in the SAFE App.
  • Always know where your nearest emergency services are (Hospital, Police, Embassy), as well as directions and contact details.
  • Create a geo-fence around your house or halls, automatically notifying friends and family when you are home safe.



Our SAFE App has been designed with students in mind and is one of the best student apps you should have on your phone.    

Download SAFE on Google Play. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
Download SAFE on the App Store. Safety App For Your Next Skiing Holiday
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