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With location check ins, live tracking, geo-fencing, and one-touch emergency alerting, SAFE connects users to friends, family, and 24-hour support anywhere in the world.

Combining a range of everyday journey support utilities alongside a 24/7 UK based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and Personal Locator Device (PLD) with global capability, SAFE ensures peace of mind at all times.

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SAFE is the product inspired by former security service and special forces individuals, in collaboration with UK/US based software engineers, adventurers and travel specialists.

In a turbulent world SAFE has been designed to provide complete safety awareness for you, your family, and friends, inspiring those stepping out to go further with peace of mind.

Contact Tracking

Find and locate your friends and family in real time. Enjoy complete control over who can follow your location and manage preferences for individual contacts.

Check In

Notify friends and family of your location via push notification at the touch of a button. Add and manage contacts to receive your check ins and notify one or all with just a single click.


Integrated into contact tracking is our unique geo-fencing capability, enabling you to create a virtual perimeter for you or your contacts, and receive notifications any time they enter or leave the designated area.

View, delete, and create entirely customisable geo-fences easily, always giving you complete control over your activity.


For Ultimate users, activating the SOS opens a two-way audio with our 24/7 UK based SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre, who are able to live track your location and are authorised across the UK to escalate your emergency to the relevant authorities and to notify your Primary Contact.

For Pro users, your Primary Contact is notified of your emergency situation via three messaging mediums – SMS, push notification, and email – with your current location and time.

SAFE Timer

SAFE Timer is a unique guardian feature that notifies others if your designated time period expires without you extending or ending its duration.
For Ultimate users, if your SAFE Timer expires, an amber alert will be sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre alongside our unique SAFE response screen including your live location and that of your SAFE contacts should they need to be contacted. Your Primary Contact will also be notified.
The Alarm Receiving Centre will immediately call you and, if unable to verify your wellbeing, escalate the situation to an emergency red alert.



SAFE Timer – The SAFE Timer is a guardian feature that notifies your Primary Contact (Pro) or the Alarm Receiving Centre (Ultimate) in the event you are unable to activate the SOS. For Ultimate users, the ARC will call to ensure your wellbeing and, wherever necessary, escalate the situation to an emergency.
SAFE Call - For Ultimate users only, activating the SAFE Call opens a two-way audio connection to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre for a call back service or assistance in situations that are urgent, but not currently life-threatening. Operators will assess your situation and escalate to the emergency services wherever necessary.
Alerts – Feed of news and incident alerts relative to your location. Notification preferences can be found under Settings.
Near Me – Displays nearest emergency services (Police, Hospital, Embassy), contact details and directions. Additional favourite locations can be added by the user.
Country Reports – Downloadable reports detailing important travel and security information drawn from trusted government sites.
SAFE Timer – activate the timer by selecting a duration between 5 minutes and 24 hours. If the Timer expires without confirmation of the user’s wellbeing, an alert and location notification will be sent to your Primary Contact (Pro) or our 24/7 SAFE ARC (Ultimate), escalating response from a call back to SOS/Police activation.
Check In – Sends in-app notification and email to designated contacts of user’s location and local time.
Alerts – Through your mobile location service, SAFE identifies and live feeds incidents or alerts, to your location. Alerts for other countries can be viewed via dropdown menu.
Near Me – Displays nearest emergency services (Police, Hospital, Embassy), contact details and directions. Additional favourite locations can be added by the user.
Country Reports – Downloadable reports detailing important situational information drawn from trusted sources, with the latest alerts and events, all updated as of moment of download.


If you have a query about our SAFE app, scroll through the FAQ’s below to find the answer.

How do I get SAFE?

The app is a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.

The Lite version enables you to use certain free features, without any obligation. Two upgradable versions – Pro and Ultimate – provide a suite of personal security and location information services, including 24/7 response from our UK based SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via audio communications for all Ultimate users.


How accurately will SAFE display my location?

SAFE relies on GPS for location information. GPS is a global satellite navigation system able to identify the location of your device around the world.

GPS does not require the user to transmit any information and operates independently of any telephone or internet reception. It is a highly reliable mechanism for determining location and operates in areas where you would be without sufficient signal to use your phone to make calls or use the internet.


What is the SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)?

The SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre (or SAFE ARC) is a 24/7 UK based, global monitoring and operations centre, trained to assist SAFE Ultimate users in instances of amber calls and SOS emergencies.

Two SAFE ARC control rooms ensure operational availability at all times, including multiple network connections and back-up power sources – fully BS8484 accredited.


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